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Fri, September 16th, 2022

Wallet UX Hackathon

        On Fri. Sept 16th 2022. HOPR and MetaMask hosted a Wallet UX Hackathon to explore adding innovative features to the web3 software wallet MetaMask.  
       UX Hackathon 1 focused on ways to implement the HOPR protocol as a Snap into the Metamask wallet. This would give Metamask users access to enhanced metadata-private security features when sending transactions and let HOPR further their research into wallet integration, which is one of HOPR's dedicated use cases. 
       UX Hackathon 2 explored potential social features of MetaMask. This workshop focused on integrating a social feature into MetaMask to help foster a more interconnected, engaged, open, secure and collaborative global social media ecosystem in web3.
       Later this year, we'll be further exploring the concepts generated in these workshops,
turning them into coded prototypes.

       Check out all the results below. The high standard of entry made it a real challenge for judges to pick winners in each category!

Designers, mentors and organizers of the Wallet UX Hackathon 2022.

Phase Overview


UX Wallet


Fri 16 Sep


for UX Designers

Winners announced




Sat 25 - Sun 26 Feb


for Devs & Engineers


Go Live


May 2023

(Details tba)

for Devs & Engineers

UX Hackathon 1:
Sending transactions simply and safely
- is this too much to ask?

At HOPR and MetaMask we think: No, but we’re just not there yet. So let’s BUIDL something!

But let’s start at the beginning: Crypto wallets, whether hardware or software, are an essential part of the blockchain ecosystem. Despite millions of users worldwide, crypto wallets still lack a refined UX, and users must invest a lot of time to stay up to date. Worst of all, today’s wallets often leak user IP addresses and other types of metadata. Strengthening security and data privacy when sending transactions is the next evolution for popular wallets.

So we’re conducting UX research with the team behind MetaMask, the most popular Ethereum wallet, on how to utilize the HOPR protocol as a Snap within their wallet to protect its user data.

Task 1A: Nayat Cheikh (WINNER)
Task 1A: Potsie & Mike
Task 1A: Manon Brousse
Task 1A: Olivier Winkler
Task 1B: Frederic Berghmans (WINNER)

UX Hackathon 2:
How can MetaMask help users embrace the full potential of web3 to be safer and build communities?

UX Workshop focussed on exploring innovative ways of making MetaMask not only the main decentralized wallet and gateway to web3, but also a social tool that connects its users.


The workshop was dedicated to integrate a social feature into MetaMask that will help lead to a more interconnected, engaged, open, secure and collaborative global social media ecosystem in web3.


The UX concepts generated during this workshop will be turned into coded prototypes at a series of hackathons starting later this year.